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For Suppliers

We always welcome new suppliers. If you wish to work with us, please familiarize yourself with the criteria that characterize the principles of work of ATLANT Inc. with new partners.

At present, ATLANT Inc. has an established supplier system, with many of which we have been working for several years. Nevertheless, we are interested in expanding the suppliers system and are always ready to consider offers of cooperation if new applicants are able to offer the most attractive and versatile options for cooperation.

We strive to create and maintain partnerships with our suppliers. That is why we suggest building our cooperation, guided by the following principles: honesty and transparency.

In the process of making a decision on concluding or refusing to conclude a supply contract with the requesting counterparty, ATLANT Inc. is guided by the following criteria:

  • The quality of the goods offered by the supplier, as well as their packaging, which must comply with the requirements of ATLANT Inc. documentation.
  • The price of the goods offered by the Supplier must be lower than the purchased analogue.
  • The supplier must provide the required package of documents confirming compliance with REACH, RoHS.
  • Commodities and materials offered by the Supplier shall undergo testing at the facilities of ATLANT Inc.

The following suppliers shall have an advantage:

  • Suppliers who offer the deferment of payment for more than 45 days.
  • Suppliers who are ready to apply special discounts for ATLANT Inc.
  • Suppliers who offer fixed prices for long periods.

Please send us a commercial proposal of cooperation to info@atlant.by. The proposal should specify your contact information as much as possible: telephone, fax, e-mail. Please be sure to indicate the maximum discount amount that you are ready to provide to ATLANT Inc. in the price lists you send. If your offer turns out to be competitive, a representative of ATLANT Inc. will contact you.